Seabreeze Management
Seabreeze Management
(Property Manager)

9350 Waxie Way, Ste 560
San Diego, CA 92123

Customer Service (800) 232-7517

Account Executive:
Mariana Chen
(858) 400-2045

Associate Manager:
Ed Franco Velasco

(858) 206-8601

Customer Service:
(800) 232-7517, Option (1)

Escrow Department:
(800) 232-7517, Option (2)
Documents can be ordered through HomeWiseDocs

After Hours Emergencies:
(800) 232-7517


Porto Siena is a Condominium Homeowners Association.  Neither Porto Siena nor Seabreeze manages rental properties or commercial spaces.  For sales and rental information, please contact the unit owner directly.

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